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May 30, 2020
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Blade is a component-based, free email composer app created with Javascript. It has a number of great content components and a friendly user interface where you can easily compose your HTML emails visually!

Blade runs completely in your web browser and does not rely on any web servers. It uses your browser’s local storage system (indexed DB) to store all your content when you save your work. This keeps your content private and safe in your own computer.

Note: currently, Blade can only be used in a desktop/laptop sized web browser.

A quick look at the features of this email builder app:

  • Free – it cost nothing to use Blade
  • No coding required – use a visual interface to build your HTML email. Optionally, use custom HTML and CSS alongside visual components if you want to take your email to the next level.
  • Click, type and drag – simply add new content blocks by selecting from a comprehensive list of components. Fill the components with content by typing into their form fields. Drag and drop to rearrange components.
  • Duplicate components – using the same components multiple times in your email? Clone it in one click!
  • Save your email securely – save your work hassle-free in your local browser environment and return to work on it later. Your content never leave your browser.
  • Preview your creation – preview your email at any time in a desktop-sized window or a mobile device-sized window.
  • Search for your emails – easily find your emails with the search function when you using Blade for many email campaigns and projects.
  • Duplicating emails – building a similar HTML email? Duplicate it with one click!
  • Import and export emails – emails built with Blade can be imported and exported as a .blade file so that you can carry a backup of your content to work on another computer.

Never pay another agency or developer to create HTML emails. Use Blade for free by clicking the button below!

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