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May 27, 2020
time machine

Time machine is a tiny browser bookmarklet that can help you find a past snapshot of the web page you are browsing! This handy bookmarklet uses the Wayback machine API to locate a closest past snapshot based on a date that you set.

To install time machine, open up your browser’s bookmark manager. In Google Chrome, you can launch your bookmark manager from the Bookmarks.

Note : If you are using another browser, see how to do this in Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Safari.

In the Chrome bookmark manager, click on the dot menu at the top-right corner and choose “Add new bookmark”.

You will see a dialog where you can add a name and a URL. Give the bookmark a name.

Next, open the time machine script, copy the content and paste it in the URL field shown above. Click “Save” and a new bookmark will be created.

Place the bookmark along your bookmarks bar so that it will be easily accessible.

To use the bookmarklet, visit any web page that you want to locate a history snapshot of and just click on the bookmarklet.

Set a date and click on the “Find snapshot” button. Time machine will attempt to find a closest available snapshot around the date that you have set.

Below is a snapshot of Google’s homepage from the wayback machine in 2010. Enjoy!

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